Waterlase Laser Dentistry

Waterlase Laser Dentistry

Having a cavity or other dental issue is no fun! Especially when left untreated, these can become much larger issues. However, many of us avoid going to go get fillings––it’s uncomfortable, often painful, and inconvenient. The Waterlase YSGG hard and soft tissue laser and the Epic Diode soft tissue laser use the combined powers of laser energy and water to provide you with a state-of-the-art, much more pleasant way to treat dental issues. Dr. Grace has advanced training in both technologies and is certified to perform all procedures.

What are the Waterlase YSGG and Epic Diode lasers?

Your teeth are largely made up of dental hard tissue. Conversely, your soft tissue is made up of your dental pulp, gums, and other connective tissues. The Waterlase YSGG and Epic Diode lasers function to remove these tissues, when infected, in order to promote your continued dental health. They use laser energy, as well as the natural power of water, to remove tooth decay and bacteria. Due to the non-invasive nature, the procedure will be painless, safe, precise, and convenient, with little post-op recovery time. There is no need for dental drills or anesthesia, and there is a decreased risk of cross-contamination when using these technologies.

The Waterlase combines water, air, and laser energy to safely treat oral issues. Because our teeth are partially made up of water, the laser excites the existing water molecules and is able to cut through the tooth. The laser simultaneously shoots out water, which keeps the tooth hydrated, cool, and virtually pain-free!

What are the Benefits?

Biolase is the world’s leading innovator in dental lasers. This technology allows dentists to treat many common issues in a gentle and minimally invasive manner. Clear benefits include the gentleness of the procedures and the comfortableness of the healing process. Many procedures can be performed without a shot or a drill!

The Waterlase YSGG and Epic Diode lasers present a new way to treat a series of dental issues that would otherwise require numbing, painful tools, and additional recovery time. The issues that the Waterlase YSGG and Epic Diode lasers can treat include gum disease, peri-implantitis, cavities, and tooth decay, oral growths, and bacteria. The technology functions as a way to remove diseased tissue from the mouth.

Dr. Grace will be able to complete most of your dental needs in just one visit with the use of these technologies. For those of us who are busy, multiple visits can be a major deterrent to getting timely dental treatment. Because Waterlase is so gentle, you don’t have to worry and you can take care of most of your dental issues at Golden Hill Family Dentistry.

Because these procedures are so much less painful than traditional dental treatments, and they are largely hassle-free, it’s easy to make an appointment. Dr. Grace is proud to offer these new and improved treatments, so schedule a visit today to improve your dental health, confidence, and your smile!

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