Dr. Grace Trains at Progressive Orthodontic Seminar

Your smile is unique to you! With Individual Orthodontics, your brackets and archwires will be made specific to your treatment needs. Each tooth is fitted with the best bracket for its intended movement.

Dr. Grace trained at Progressive Orthodontic Seminars, which is the most comprehensive and best networked orthodontic continuing education program in her industry! She has learned how to give you the best, most custom care possible so that you will achieve the best smile for you! Dr. Grace is committed to expanding her knowledge and skill set as much as she can so that she can provide you with the best and most up to date care there is.

Most traditional braces adopt a “one size fits all” approach, which doesn’t allow for the individualized care that computerized orthodontics provide. Because the Individual Patient Appliance is specifically created for you and your needs, your treatment time will be 6 months faster than the other leading methods of archwire appliance treatment! Every patient is given a different treatment plan and monitored throughout the course of your treatment to ensure the best and fastest results possible!

Braces can be painful! However, if they are custom fit to your mouth and teeth, you will experience much less pain and irritation. With the IP Appliance, you will need to have your wires changed less frequently; not only is the appliance made to fit you, but the material is long-acting!

By using a computer, Dr. Grace is capable of diagnosing your teeth, bone structure, and facial structure, allowing her to develop your custom treatment plan. She will use this cutting-edge technology to design you an optimal treatment plan, and will be able to anticipate any issues or changes far in advance!

IP Orthodontics provides 10 times more bracket archwire designs to choose from, and allows for over 150 treatment plan templates! Your teeth will have an improved ability to stay in their final position due to the appliance’s custom nature. Tooth rotation begins earlier in treatment, and because the teeth have been in their final position for longer, your results will be even more stable.

Ask Dr. Grace how custom Individualized Braces can optimize the alignment of your teeth and facial profile! This technology is the most effective and efficient way to straighten your teeth, and are a part of a new and improved generation of orthodontic appliances. Get your best-looking smile and experience the future of Orthodontics by scheduling an appointment today!

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