Are Sports And Energy Drinks Damaging Your Teeth?

Are Sports And Energy Drinks Damaging Your TeethAt this day and age, many teens are choosing to drink sports and energy drinks over their sodas. The packaging, advertising, flavoring and energy boosting characteristics on these types of drinks is highly appealing to teens. 35-50% of teens in this generation are opting for sports and energy drinks.

Energy drinks normally have double the amount of caffeine in them as compared to Coke. Consuming too much caffeine is not only physically harmful to the body but it also has adverse side effects on your mental health. It can cause you to be more nervous and disturb your sleep cycle. It can cause heart problems and headaches, weaken your bones.

But other than that, studies have been carried out to prove that sports and energy drinks can erode your teeth. These drinks tend to have a high amount of citric acid in them to increase their shelf life. But, when consumed, citric acid erodes the enamel of your teeth away. Energy drinks also typically contain very higher amounts of sugar, often more than 6-8 teaspoons.

The high amounts of sugar and citric acids in sports and energy drinks can destroy your teeth at a fast pace. The mineral density of the teeth can be stripped away, leading to weaker teeth which can fall out easily. A study published Academy of General Dentistry titled “Sports and energy drinks responsible for irreversible damage to teeth” found how the increased and daily intake of the high acidity levels in sports and energy drinks causes the enamel to erode and take away the shiny sheen of teeth. Even just a sip of the energy or sports drinks can cause your saliva to remain acidic for more than 20 minutes which will start the enamel to strip away. It literally takes 5 days or less for the teeth enamel to start eroding. Your teeth, then, tend to become extremely sensitive.

Sports and acid drinks cause dental erosion, which is irreversible. Every dentist is aware that any kind of fizzy drink causes your teeth to start rotting but doctors have been shocked by the results of energy drinks and their adverse effects on teeth.

It is advised by dentists to wait at least an hour or so before brushing teeth after consuming energy drinks. Because if you brush immediately after, the acid will spread onto other teeth and cause more dental erosion. Sports and energy drink have a plethora of side effects, some that can be seen on your teeth.

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