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Golden Hill Family Dentistry knows that seeing the dentist doesn't rank among most people's favorite things to do. That's why we strive to make your procedure as painless as possible, no matter what. We provide service with honesty and integrity above all else. We want to keep your smile healthy for a lifetime! Most insurance accepted. Call today.

Welcome to Golden Hill Family Dentistry

Stifling a laugh; suppressing a grin; taking a pass on fresh corn-on-the-cob at a backyard barbecue. When your teeth aren’t healthy, you make too many compromises in life. Stop sitting on the sidelines and get your smile back into the game with the help of Golden Hill Family Dentistry in Lakewood, CO. Our dental practice offers a full suites of general and cosmetic dentistry services, from routine cleanings and professional whitening, to wisdom tooth removal and dental implants. Call today for an appointment and bring your smile out of hiding.

Redesign your Smile

Some people were blessed with straight, healthy teeth. You weren’t one of them. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with what nature gave you. At Golden Hill Family Dentistry, we can correct so-called “permanent” dental problems with veneers, orthodontics, dental implants, bonding and whitening. Call today for an appointment with Dr. Grace E. Rudersdorf, DDS.


I had a Wisdom tooth removed less than 48hrs ago, and there is zero irritation or soreness around the extraction site or in it. I would recommend these guys to anyone. On top of the great job with the extraction, they took the time to tell me what I was doing wrong and ways to help prevent further decay, which is way more than I can say for any of my other extractions or dental experiences.

Brandon Beisel

Dr. Grace is extremely knowledgeable and polite! My kids had been going to another dentist but switched them to her because they will be in good hands. They like her too!

Rob Barnhart

Great Experience! Moved here from Chicago, looking for a dentist wasn't easy at firs. I finally found the one, Dr. Grace! She was more than amazing with new technology and a gentle touch! She was conservative on my dental needs which was similar to my long term dentist back in Chicago. The filings I needed were done without shots because she used a laser instead. Pretty impressive! Great dentist & highly recommend!

Jessica Rivera

Dr Grace and the staff at Golden Hill Dentistry are kind, caring and knowledgeable. They did a thorough job of evaluating and cleaning my teeth, explaining every step along the way. Dr. Grace is much more hands on than dentists I’ve visited at other practices, which is refreshing. Generally I’ve viewed an appointment at the dentist as something to be feared and tolerated, only to be done when absolutely necessary. However, with the team at Golden Hill Dentistry, I’m looking forward to my next visit.

Stefan Magyar

Doctor Grace is a wonderful, caring, knowledgable, gentle, and very friendly dentist who stands out in my 65 year old mind, as one of the best dentist I've had in my life. When Doctor Grace took over the dental practice from Doctor Smith, she exhibited a convenient way about herself, that made you know you made the right decision to stay with her. I personally, am having problems with my mouth and teeth because of a disease called Sjogrens, which makes your mouth extremely dry, among other problems. Because of a flare up of the disease recently, the extreme dryness of my mouth has caused bacteria to thrive in my mouth, which causes decay and other problems no matter how many times I clean my teeth. In less than a year, I've had 6 cavities form and attack my teeth, in an accelerated rate and has caused me to have 4 crowns put in with one of them requiring a root canal. Doctor Grace was able to find the decay in my teeth right away, and was able to repair the damage and she always takes the time to make sure my other teeth are not harmed. She is a very caring and nice person that treats you fully and confidently. She also is aware that dental work is expensive and she strives to make the costs as little as possible and also has her own discounted rate for people who don't have dental insurance. I also feel that Doctor Grace has surrounded herself with top notched caring assistants and office staff, which makes a more efficient dental office. I feel very strongly about referring people to Doctor Grace. I am confident that the people I have an opportunity to refer them to Doctor Grace, will find her dental practice as I do, very professional and a dentist you can trust with your dental health.

Alan Keiser

Super friendly staff. The doc took extra care of me and explained everything to where I understood. Highly recommend this office.

Amber Parsons

First off, I was not a fan of the dentist. Based on the treatment I have received and lack of judgement I just might become better about that. I have health and dental anxiety so things are a little more stressful for me in these situations. Dr. Grace and her staff make you feel right at home and are straight forward with everything. Recently had wisdom tooth extraction that I had dreaded and avoided for 14 years. It was over so fast I felt like I wasted my time worrying. Truly a top notch staff. Currently transferring my family as they are a family provider.

Josh Hebenstreit

Dr. Grace has restored my faith in dentists. She is super gentle, trustworthy and has the best technology at an affordable price. If you’re ever nervous about going to the dentist, go to Dr. Grace

Ivy Whiddon

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