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Stifling a laugh; suppressing a grin; taking a pass on fresh corn-on-the-cob at a backyard barbecue. When your teeth aren't healthy, you make too many compromises in life. Stop sitting on the sidelines and get your smile back into the game with the help of Golden Hill Family Dentistry in Lakewood, CO. Our dental practice offers a full suites of general and cosmetic dentistry services, from routine cleanings and professional whitening, to wisdom tooth removal and dental implants. Call today for an appointment and bring your smile out of hiding.
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Redesign your Smile

Some people were blessed with straight, healthy teeth. You weren't one of them. That doesn't mean you're stuck with what nature gave you. At Golden Hill Family Dentistry, we can correct so-called "permanent" dental problems with veneers, orthodontics, dental implants, bonding and whitening. Call today for an appointment with Dr. Grace E. Rudersdorf, DDS.
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Compassionate Care

Golden Hill Family Dentistry knows that seeing the dentist doesn't rank among most people's favorite things to do. That's why we strive to make your procedure as painless as possible, no matter what that is. We provide service with honesty and integrity above all else. We want to keep your smile healthy for a lifetime! Most insurance accepted. Call today. 

Silent Nights Start Here

You or your partner snoring or grinding their teeth during the night is no laughing matter. It can wreak havoc on your daytime productivity, and mess up an otherwise wonderful relationship. Golden Hill Family Dentistry has effective ways to deal with sleep apnea, bruxism and TMJ. Make an appointment today, sleep like a baby tonight! 
"Best dentist I have ever experienced!" - Brendan G., Facebook
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